NEWCO List Generator

Unique software, developed to provide a facility for illustrating operating theatre tray lists.

List Generator interface
List Generator interfaceList Generator interface

The NEWCO™ List Generator uses computerised images of surgical instruments to produce illustrated tray lists that will enable staff in operating theatres and sterile services departments to identify the instruments in an operating set easily.

As well as the facility to illustrate tray lists, the List Generator will provide:

A precise Instrument Vocabulary that can be used as a means of identifying and describing surgical instruments and other components, particularly obscure, newly-introduced or infrequently-used instruments.

An ‘easy to use’ Training Aid that will help to improve the performance of new staff.

A computerised Price Guide that can be used as an accurate means of ‘costing’ new sets or assigning Asset Values to surgical instruments/procedure sets for Budget Management and Cost Control.

A local Supplier Database that can be used as a convenient means of identifying your own preferred Suppliers and their Prices when Purchasing surgical instruments and accessories

Technical Documentation for External Accreditation purposes. In an aid to the preparation of technical files and training documentation for those involved in gaining or maintaining accreditation in association with ISO9002, EN46002 or CE Marking.