Nova Label Generator

Nova Label Generator
For Tracking and Tracing!
For Usage Monitoring!

Ideal for 'Special' items!
Ideal for 'Supplementaries'!

Nova™ Label Generator has been developed to ease the problems of tracking, maintaining individual surgical instruments and supplementary packs.

Nova™ Label Generator is another unique software product from NEWCO Surgical that uses an organised nomenclature system, coupled with a database of instrument images, to improve the management of surgical instruments and instrument sets.

Nova™ Label Generator creates single labels on a laminated medium. In addition to other uses, the lables can be mounted on a U-LOG carrier card to create a means of monitoring instruments that are of special interest. The U-LOG and the laminated label will both withstand washing and autoclaving and can be placed in an instrument pack with the items being monitored.

Product features include:

  • A Precise Instrument Vocabulary that can be used as a means of identifying and describing surgical instruments.
  • A Bar Code (optional) to assist the automated tracking of instruments.
  • Serial No. (or other ID) to recognise individal instruments with the same product code.
  • A facility to set re-usage limits and maintenance intervals as well as record comments and findings.
  • A facility to add 'preferred' local names and substitute alternative product codes.