Instrument Traceability

We supply a range of devices that can be used to uniquely identify individual surgical instruments so that they can be traced to the tray or pack to which they belong. Procedure trays and packs can also be checked to ensure that they contain only the allocated instruments and are not harbouring 'migrant' instruments from other trays or packs:

Procedure Tray/Pack Specification and Identification:

Our List Generator and Label Generator products will ensure that Trays, Packs and their contents can be uniquely identified. Recording the Tray/Pack reference code in the patient's notes will identify the instrument set used in any surgical procedures so that the instrument set and the precise instruments within that set can be recovered if ever the need arises.

Labelling Devices:

Electrolytic Etching (Conductive Metal Surfaces)
Adhesive Label (Plastic, Epoxy Coatings)
Label Tags (Large Instruments, Cables)
Permanent Marker (Large Non-Metallic Surfaces)
Coloured Tape (Most Instruments)
Coloured Coating (Most Metal Instruments)

A comprehensive traceability system will require a mix of some of these labelling processes to cope with the variety of materials from which surgical instruments are manufactured.

Disposable/Single-Use Instruments:

There will inevitably be instruments that cannot be labelled because of their size (eg guide wires) or composition; in these cases a change to disposable patterns or some other compromise may need to be considered.

Our products include a wide range of disposable and low-cost instruments that will enable hospitals to guarantee the containment of high-risk items.

Policies/Record Keeping/Testing:

Policies will be required to support the traceability system and at least some records will need to be kept. For example, there will be a need to describe the appropriate procedure for removing instruments from trays (eg for repair) to prevent the unauthorised 'exchange' or 'borrowing' of items from other trays. We can assist with the drafting of suitable policies and procedures.

Effective policies will also include accurate monitoring to ensure that items with a limited life are discarded when the limit has been reached. Records to confirm that such devices have, in fact, been disposed of will be needed. U-LOG is the only device available that can provide this confirmation for all of the instrument/devices used in hospitals.

An additional requirement will be the need to ensure that instruments do not fail in-use through lack of regular maintenance. Our NOVA Label Generator will assist the implementation of maintenance programmes. It is also essential that some instruments (eg diathermy) are tested to ensure that the are in working order and 'safe' to use before they are packed for sterilisation. Our devices for Diathermy Testing will ensure that diathermy instruments and cables can receive these checks.